Electronic Cigarette

Suncig E-Cigarettes are similar to traditional cigarettes. They look and taste like a real cigarette and provide a very similar sensation but without the tar, carbon monoxide, ash, smell and tobacco found in real cigarettes. Vaping a suncig electronic cigarette is one of the most enjoyable smoking alternatives available today.

e cig

At the tip of the e-cigarette is a cartridge that looks like the filter of a traditional cigarette. This cartridge is where the smoking liquid is held. When you inhale, the battery activates the internal heating element, called an atomizer, and the smoking liquid is vaporized into a flavorful vapor. A cartridge that is pre-filled with smoking liquid and comes with a built-in atomizer is called a cartomizer.

Suncig e-cigarettes consist of 2 pieces: 1. a rechargeable battery and 2. Disposible Cartomizer. Suncig Cartridges are designed for maximimum flavor and provide one of the highest smoke volumes of any electronic cigarette. Each cartridge is comparable to around 18 to 20 traditional cigarettes and features easy screw-on cartomizer/cartridge replacement.

The Suncig electronic cigarette will leave your car, clothes and house smelling fresh. Say goodbye to ash, tar and many of the thousands chemicals found in cigarettes.
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