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Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered device intended for the same use as the traditional cigarettes. The principle of operation is based on the evaporation of a liquid solution (often Tobacco or Menthol flavour) that gives the user the feeling of smoking like traditional cigarette. Despite the fact that in the discussion of the impact of electronic cigarettes on the health of the smoker has not yet come to an end, a number of associations recognized them as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Besides electronic cigarettes have and other advantages in comparison to its conventional counterparts.

The vapors of e-cigarette unlike that of the cigarette, contains no carbon monoxide, the main agent responsible for cardiovascular disease or tar or carcinogenic hydrocarbon responsible for the various smoking-related cancers. Traces of carcinogens can sometimes be found (nitrosamine type) at concentrations so low that they are not considered dangerous. These impurities are naturally extracted from nicotine in tobacco.

The harmful effects of e-cigarettes are minor: slight irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tree etc. The e-cigarette can be considered a super nicotine substitute.

All sensations and rituals of a conventional cigarette are in an electronic cigarette.

With this new modern and futuristic device, you can revive integral sensation while controlling your level of nicotine or discover new swankier sensations.

The vapors of e cigarette can live a new wellness freeing themselves from the dangers of conventional cigarette. Indeed, in the electronic cigarette, we do not find any of the 4,000 harmful substances from the conventional cigarette. For continuous comfort throughout the day, there are no ashes or butts or odors with the electronic cigarette.

The steam produced by an E-cigarette does not antagonize your neighbors. Whether you are at work, home or with friends, the electronic cigarette gives you the freedom to smoke in all circumstances without disturbing others and without wasting your time. Due to no sharp odor, you can smoke an electronic cigarette anywhere without letting anyone know. It is perhaps a great advantage of the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are more economical. Although the initial investment seems important, it is quickly recouped. Thus, a smoker who consumes an average of a pack a day, can reduce its annual budget of cigarettes by two third. Since the traditional cigarettes are totally stereotypes, governments tried their best to reduce their consumption. One of the methods used by the government was to impose heavy taxes on them, which raised it price. However, the electronic cigarettes does not fall in the same category, hence they don’t have this much tax and that’s why are comparatively economical.

Electronic cigarette, according to several studies, are much safer for health in comparison to the traditional cigarettes. The high risks of heart and lungs diseases can now be avoided if you shift from traditional smoking to electronic cigarette.

Studies suggest a positive future for the electronic cigarette. However, major tobacco companies’ products will see the decline in smoking, as the influence of e-cigarette increases and more and more people adapt the new and classy electronic cigarettes.