E-Cigarettes Risk or Reward

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Electronic cigarettes are definitely the newest fad in trying to get the equivalent stimulation of smoking a real cigarette while at the same time attempting to avoid the risk of ingesting harmful chemicals used in tobacco manufacturing.  The idea behind the electronic cigarette, often referred to as E-cigarettes, or E-cigs, is you take a drag and get a nicotine fix.  What is missing are the dozens of cancer-causing chemicals found in actual cigarette manufacturing.  This should be a good thing, right?

As promising as it seems, however, the jury still seems to be out as the scientific researchers evaluating the product have been unable to reach a consensus.  Is this really going to be an effective way to reduce the current 100 million deaths that have occurred in the twentieth century or are we perpetuating the habit of nicotine addiction.

Like any new medical phenomenon that hits the market it may take years before enough evidence can be supplied to draw a meaningful conclusion.  When studies are completed, they are usually harshly debated not only by the researchers but by the tobacco companies as well.  Government health officials are scrambling since there seems to be no common ground between two factions - those whom believe in their effectiveness and those who don't.

The US Food and Drug Administration is trying to bring them under its control but it has been a rigorous path filled with delays and lawsuits.  Some foreign countries have banned the product completely and in the United States, some private businesses have banned them along with real cigarettes.

In August last year the World Health Organization (WHO) did a report that recommended certain restrictions such as restricting the indoor use of the product, banning certain flavors and confining sale to those older than 18.

It is obvious the debate is going to continue for years to come.