Make Your Family Healthier by Making the Switch to e-Cigs

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One of the biggest concerns with smoking is the dangers present for those around the smoker as well as the smoker him/her self. Second hand smoke is one of the greatest perils for small children, infants, pets, and other members within a smoker’s inner circle. While measures have been taken in public places, that doesn’t stop a smoker from smoking in his/her home where loved ones are vulnerable to those dangerous aftereffects. As more research has been released based on smoking and its effects on the body, it’s no wonder why it’s so addictive, making it hard for a smoker to break the habit and achieve a healthier lifestyle. There are nicotine patches and gums on the market, but the one thing that has garnered more and more success is the e-cig for smokers that want to change their habits to prevent further harm to themselves and their loved ones.

When a smoker decides to make the switch, they are making the first monumental step in becoming healthier for themselves and providing a healthier environment for their loved ones. Since e-cigs don’t contain even half the chemicals present in cigarettes or produce smoke filled with these chemicals, second-hand smoke inhalation isn’t a major concern for those around the e-cig user. While some e-cigs look similar to a cigarette to help the transition, you can find some where the tip lights up as a cigarette end would when one takes a draw from the cigarette. The difference is that the lit tip of an e-cig is just a small LED light rather than a fire burning through tobacco leaves and other fillers within a cigarette. This alleviates the rancid smells of smoking that soaks into every pore within walls, people’s skin, and clothing.

As the smoker smokes less and less from cigarettes and more from e-cigs, changes can be seen from every aspect of the smoker’s life and that of his/her loved ones. Breathing issues dissipate for those highly sensitive to cigarette smoke, such as pets, small children and infants, and adults that suffer from asthma and other breathing conditions. Repairs within the smoker and his/her loved ones will begin to take place within their lungs and other body systems where cigarette smoke had started working its damaging warpath through them.

While you don’t want to leave your e-cig some place where a small child or pet can reach it, you don’t have to worry about them potentially burning themselves from the tip because that tip doesn’t burn like those of cigarettes. This lowers the risks of accidents from burns though you’ll still want to take precautions since liquid nicotine is a toxic substance you wouldn’t want your children or pets to ingest because it can be lethal even at small dosages.

You can also spend more time with your family on a social level since you can vape inside in some public locations and even at home instead of stepping away every so often to light up a cigarette. Giving your loved ones the attention they deserve without sharing that attention with your cigarettes can also help strengthen your bond with them from your partner, your children, and even your pets. You can participate more and be there when they need you compared to stopping in the middle of a project or a family discussion to smoke.

As a smoker making the switch, you’ll find that your life will improve as much as your family’s. You’re giving them back years they would have lost if you’d continued to smoke cigarettes, increasing your risks for a multitude of cancers and other health issues. By giving yourself back to your family with e-cigs, you’re providing them with a safety net, a protection they need, with your presence. Your body will heal and your life will lengthen, giving them more time with you. You’ll be able to breathe easier, feel your heart pumping stronger, and other benefits by changing your habit to a healthier one.

With so many reasons why you, as a smoker, should make the ultimate switch to e-cigs, it’s hard to imagine any counter-arguments that would keep you from doing so. Granted, e-cigs are newer to the market, but they don’t have near the health detriments as cigarettes do. You’ll remake yourself into a healthier version within weeks of quitting smoking as you vape to get your nicotine fix while also creating an environment where your loved ones can thrive and not suffer a moment longer with second-hand smoke and other dangers that smoking presents to them. So, do some research and find the right way for you to move to vaping so you can do what’s right for you and your loved ones.