E-Cigs Make Great Gifts for the Holidays

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E-Cigs Make Great Gifts for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s the time to start planning what we’re going to get our loved ones as a thoughtful gift. Some of our loved ones are easier than others because of their age or another factor, but what about those that aren’t so easy? What would you give someone you know has everything? Well, that decision can be made easier if they’re a smoker looking for a chance to stop smoking or already own an electronic cigarette. With so many choices on the market, it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding on one brand over another and the accessories that go along with them. Well, this article is here to help you make it easier to shop for your smoker or e-cig enthusiast this holiday season.

For a novice user: While many experienced users may have started making their own e-cig mods, you wouldn’t expect a novice to know the first thing about these. For this group, you’ll want to start them with a beginner’s kit where the e-cig looks similar to an actual cigarette with the juice and nicotine already loaded. All they would need to do is hit the button and draw like they were smoking a real cigarette. Some great kits to purchase for your new e-cig users would be from V2, VaporFi, and even Green Smoke. Each of these have some great starter kits with multiple cartridges to last them about two weeks as they transition from smoking real cigarettes. Most of them are readily available for less than $50, making the gift an affordable one for most budgets.

For an intermediate user: This group is ready to move on from the starter kits where they’ll want to experiment with various tanks and mods, finding the right combination for themselves. This group has also begun moving towards active control of their mods’ wattages and ohms so they get the right hit of vaping liquid each and every time. Researching reviews on various mods and tanks can help you learn more about combinations that would work for your vaping friend or family member. You’ll want to continue to steer clear of some of the more advanced options that involve rebuilds for coils and other aspects of the e-cig, at least until they’ve moved to the advanced level. You’ll find yourself choosing from glass tanks and plastic ones as well as mods that are pen-like or box-shaped. One that’s recommended is the Kanger Subox Mini kit where you’ll get the whole package for a reasonable price of $79. This will let your vapor enthusiast begin the journey towards more advanced options as he/she learns the different ohms and other features available with more complex mods.

For an advanced user: Building kits can be some of the best gifts for this group as they have delved even further into the vaping world and its culture. This group will find immense joy in a mod that allows them to build it to their requirements from wattage to coils in the tank. They can rebuild and replace anything they need within their mods without having to seek assistance or just throwing it away when the time comes. Drippers are another great source from which to draw inspiration for your vaping enthusiast. With so many choices for this group, you could spend hours just perusing your options. For this group, the Eleaf iStick 50W mod is a great choice with a SubTank Mini or Arctic Tank combination for the high wattage and the clouds that can be produced.

Gift Cards: If you’re not sure where to begin and you find you’d rather let them pick out the kits they like, there is always the handy purchasing of gift cards. You can ensure there’s enough on the card so they can buy exactly what they want while also throwing in a little extra for some e-liquid (or juice) for them to enjoy with their new kit. You can find them readily available through most online retailers and even those in-store. This is important for e-liquids because your loved one will want to try them out before they’re purchased so the flavors are favorable ones. While some will like fruity flavors, others will prefer sugars and cinnamon flavors or plain tobacco flavors. To save yourself some time and heartache over deciding what’s right for your loved one, you’ll breathe easier with the gift card idea.

As you make your first or final purchases this holiday season, you’ll find that your options for the smoker or vaping geek in your life is covered by any of the options you find above. Find them the perfect gift by giving them something they’ll want this season in the form of a healthier way of living to new mods and/or tanks followed with a gift card for some of their favorite e-liquids to keep them happy through the new year.